William H. Baumgartl, MD, MSME

Dr. William Baumgartl is director of Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Care. Dr. Baumgartl, also leads our Second Opinion/Consult program for Advanced Pain Diagnosis and Treatment, and specializes in treating many unusual problems. He has an unusual background in Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering. After receiving a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Engineering from Virginia Tech, Dr. Baumgartl went to medical school at the University of Florida. Following this, he did training in orthopedic surgery, and completed his Residency in Anesthesiology, and a Fellowship in Pain Management at UC San Francisco. Following this, he had further training in Acupuncture through the UCLA Medical School, and is training in the Endocrine Fellowship at the Univ. of Tampa for Antiaging Medicine. Dr. Baumgartl was the previous director of Interventional Pain Management at UC Davis in California, and was an advanced instructor of interventional pain treatment techniques. Dr. Baumgartl is double-boarded in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine by the American board of Anesthesiology.

Dr. Baumgartl came to Las Vegas after a 20 year career in San Francisco Bay area in California, where he was known for developing innovative techniques for pain control. Using his engineering background approach for problem solving, many new treatments for unusual pain problems were developed, with great success. Dr. Baumgartl has particular expertise in the use of Botox to treat a variety of pain problems, and in implantable pump technology. He developed the protocol used for trialing Prialt, the newest pump pain medication.

Recognizing that many pain patients develop significant endocrine dysfunction, Dr. Baumgartl went on to receive further training in Hormone restoration, to improve how patients feel, and to restore their energy and sleep in conjunction with their pain care. Dr. Baumgartl takes a very holistic approach to correcting both the patients physical pain problems, as well as restoring their sense of well-being. Dr. Baumgartl has extensive expertise in Endocrine and Pain Pharmacology, and in the medical management of pain. His goal is to relieve you of your pain, and to help you to finally feel normal again.

Dr. Baumgartl went on to do advanced training in Facial Aesthetics and treatment with Botox and other botulin toxins. He has been involved with laser and facial Aesthetics since 1998, and has trained on 4 different laser systems. Dr. Baumgartl specializes in facial sculpting with fillers and Antiaging Hormone replacement therapies.


University of Florida Medical School, Gainsville, FL
Residency in Anesthesiology University of California, San Francisco
Fellow in Comprehensive and Interventional Pain Management, University of California San Francisco
Diplomat, American Board of Anesthesiology in Pain Management
Board Certified, American Board of Anesthesiology

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